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Synergy Staffing employment services for everyone!

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Synergy Staffing Employment Services for Everyone!
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Synergy Staffing is DEDICATED to providing the best part-time, full-time, temp to hire, short term, and long term employment experience for residents of Salt Lake and West Valley, Utah.

Friendly, responsive and personalized local agency with extensive listing resources.

Get Hired! Let us CONNECT your talent with prominent Utah companies.

Our Local Employment Agency is Located at:

5578 S. Redwood Rd, Ste. B, Salt Lake City, Utah 84123


Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00PM



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Our agency is constantly seeking temporary and long-term employment for part-time or full-time hours for people throughout Salt Lake and West Valley City–then we create a connections with prominent local companies in Utah that are hiring.


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With over 100 years of combined employment and staffing experience in Utah we have learned what it takes to connect the right people to the right job listings, and how best to provide excellent service to our local client companies.


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If you’re looking for part-time or full-time, long-term or temp to hire, jobs in manufacturing, industrial, packaging, warehousing or many other industries in the Salt Lake and West Valley, Utah area, give us a call or check out our listings for temp to hire positions. Our local agency has the expertise to meet your challenges with ingenuity and passion.


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Whether you’re new to the local job market or a seasoned professional, come to Synergy Staffing and find your next employment opportunity. We have multiple part-time and full-time positions in many industries from warehouses to industrial to manufacturing to packaging. Positions range from short term assignments to temp to hire positions to long term positions. Click here to browse our local job listings.


The principles of Synergy Staffing were founded by the company after working in the temporary employment industry for four decades! During that period we discovered that tenure in the industry, personalized service, quality and commitment to customers is what it takes for an agency to rise above the rest. We have an outstanding history of providing excellent long term employment listings and service to local client companies and field and internal associates. Whether you are looking for a temp to hire warehouse position, a long term job in manufacturing, an assignment in the industrial or packaging field, part-time, full-time, or anything in between, Synergy Staffing is your go-to employment staffing resource.


Your application process shouldn’t have to take long. We provide access to a variety of local listings that are either part-time, full-time, temp to hire, or long term assignments through one application. Apply for positions in fields such as industrial and packaging in one sitting.


We are an exclusive agency for several leading manufacturing, packaging, and industrial companies in the Salt Lake and West Valley area.


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Our agency offers direct deposit or pay card options for part-time, full-time, temp to hire and long term jobs in packaging warehouses, industrial sites, manufacturing and more.


Your life-long employment resource for part-time and full-time or temp to hire and long term jobs in Salt Lake and West Valley, Utah area. Simply update our agency, and we will be here for you!

Synergy Staffing Health Plan Transparency in Coverage Disclosure: You can find our health plan’s in-network and out-of-network rate disclosures as required under the Transparency in Coverage regulations by clicking here: https://emihealth.com/AdditionalResources/NoSurpriseActDisclosure

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5578 S. Redwood Rd, Ste. B, Salt Lake City, Utah 84123

(801) 266-WORK

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