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Employment Staffing Agency in Salt Lake City, UT 

When your business enters a busy season and needs more staff to meet workload demands, then having temporary work agencies at your side will prove to be incredibly valuable. In urgent situations when your business needs skilled workers as quickly as possible to fulfill technical recruiter jobs, fast and reliable online staffing companies are an even greater asset. Therefore, if employers are looking for the best hiring agencies in Salt Lake City, UT, then they won’t find a more dependable ally than Synergy Staffing.

We’re one of the top temp-to-hire agencies in the Salt Lake area — if not the best. In addition to being among the most trusted temp labor work agencies in the region, we also offer short-term and long-term positions for employers. Not only that, but we stand out from other temporary work agencies due in part to the wide selection of positions and roles we offer.

Employment Solutions in Salt Lake City, UT, You Can Trust


Synergy Staffing is the powerful job recruiting partner you are looking for! Our temp job agency has all the experience, resources, and expertise needed to successfully implement and manage programs of all sizes. We have the knowledge and financial strength to provide the best agency hiring services in the region


Our work temp agency is locally owned and operated, which enables us to make decisions based on your company’s initiatives, growth, and ever-changing needs. Get the most from our current market data and proven strategies.


We are unique in that we are a proactive service, not like the typical reactive staffing agencies. Our professional temp agency strives to earn our place every day, providing quality and cost-effective solutions.


Synergy Staffing prices the business to attract talent to meet our clients’ standards and optimize their performance giving the partnership the best return on investment — it’s one of the reasons why we’re among the best temp agencies around!


Our workforce agency has a highly skilled team of professionals that are experienced in servicing the needs of your business. We have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and all of our employees possess true empowerment. This helps our employment staffing agency in Salt Lake City, UT, look for methods to make our relationship more economically comfortable and meet your challenges with ingenuity and passion.


  • Our professional temp agency provides effective workforce development.
  • You can trust our staff temp agency to create customized solutions — programs built for your unique needs and challenges.
  • The cutting-edge technology of our temp-to-hire agency assists with reporting, tracking, time management, and more.


Our temp job agency is well known for our guiding principles of conducting business with integrity, honesty, and clear and concise information. We take the time to ensure you are well informed about all aspects of your staffing program.


We’re committed to reducing the cost and time of your hiring process and lowering legal and workers’ compensation exposures. With the help of our staff temp agency, you’ll be able to focus on your core business and company’s vision.


The core goal of our employment agency is to provide you with qualified employees on either a temporary, temp-to-hire, or direct-hire basis. We utilize proven candidate resourcing methods on how to effectively market and maintain our service through experience, education, and communication.


Synergy’s team has the knowledge, community involvement, relationships, expertise, and experience to handle immediate and large ramp-ups — we’re more than a few steps faster than other staffing employment companies!


Because we never coach technical recruiter job seekers on how to give answers to questions they expect to be asked in an interview, you can be confident in the candidate’s qualifications. You shouldn’t expect anything less when reaching out to temporary work agencies for assistance.


Our employment agency maintains an extensive database so that you can be sure the candidates we provide to you are qualified. You will receive candidates that are tailored to your company’s needs.


We believe that if we treat everyone with the greatest respect — as well as provide good benefits — our associates will be more fulfilled and focused on their work. In turn, our customers benefit from more reliable and productive assigned employees than they would from other job temp agencies. In fact, our #1 recruiting source is referrals from our current associates or those whom we have placed.

Guiding Principles of Our Temp-to-Hire Agency in Salt Lake City, UT

  1. Attract, train and retain exceptionally passionate and result-oriented people.
  2. Embrace a culture of diversity, integrity, and respect.
  3. Empower our people to win by improving results every day.
  4. Contribute to our communities.
  5. Strive to earn loyal customers and maintain life-long relationships.

Candidate Resourcing for Businesses Throughout Utah

If you’re searching for temporary hiring agencies in Salt Lake City, UT, then you’ve come to the right place. Our employment temp agency serves many locations across Utah, including:

  • Ogden, UT
  • Bountiful, UT
  • North Salt Lake, UT
  • Murray, UT
  • West Valley, UT
  • Taylorsville, UT


Labor Temp Agency

At Synergy Staffing, our labor temp agency offers a wide range of positions for prospective employees and, in turn, partners with a vast array of employers. We help warehouses, manufacturing, production, and many other industries find the temporary workforce they need to succeed. If your business is searching for reliable temp labor agencies to find new hires, then you won’t get better than Synergy!

Office Temp Agency

Our employment staffing agency in Salt Lake City, UT, offers numerous office positions for those who need work. Meaning, if your company needs a reliable office temp agency on your side to fill staffing needs, you can always count on us! From human resource managers to janitorial positions, we’ll help your business in ways other temp work agencies can’t!

Remote Work Temp Agency in Salt Lake City, UT

Staffing temp agencies shouldn’t limit themselves to just in-person positions — that’s why we’re also a remote work temp agency! As remote positions grow more popular and convenient, we’re dedicated to helping businesses find qualified workers who can fill those virtual roles. Online staffing companies like ours excel at helping companies like yours prosper through making connections!

Why Synergy Is Different Than Other Staffing Employment Companies

One of the reasons why we stand above other hiring agencies is our strong local management. We understand that empowerment and motivation are what’s necessary to retain clients and staff. Here’s a look at some of the other ways we stand out from other staffing agencies:

  • Experience – Our workforce agency has over 100 combined years of industry experience.
  • Client Driven Service – Our business model provides consistency and excellent communication. We are different from other temporary hiring agencies in that we are a proactive service, earning our place every day.
  • Reliability – To be one of the top job temp agencies around, you need the ability to act quickly to needs, whether it be client orders, emergencies, or payroll issues.
  • Efficient Pricing/Contract Length – We stand out from other temp-to-hire agencies by pricing the business competitively to attract talent and perform to standards that make our clients appear as quality vendors. We know what it takes to do the job and do it efficiently. Our employment staffing agency in Salt Lake City, UT, is locally owned and operated; therefore, we do not have additional corporate burdens or expenses.
  • Reducing Cost And Liabilities – As one of the best staffing temp agencies in the region, we’re committed to sharing real cost savings to include factors such as recruiting, screening, interviewing, and pre-employment testing.

A Trusted Employment Staffing Agency in Salt Lake City, UT

When it comes to the best temp agencies in Salt Lake City, you won’t find anyone better than Synergy Staffing. We’re proud to provide employment solutions for businesses in Ogden, Bountiful, North Salt Lake, Murray, West Valley, and Taylorsville, UT, so they can find the employees they need to continue their operations. Companies in our service area can rely on our work temp agency to help!

To get started with our agency hiring services, take a look at our job listings and apply now! With our employment temp agency at your side, qualified workers are only a few clicks away!

Want to learn more about our employment staffing agency in Salt Lake City, UT? Call our job recruiting agency today to learn how we can assist your company in improving production, increasing profit, improving quality, and managing risk.



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